What is Architecture?

Jesabel Nunez

Arch 1121

Professor Mishara



Architecture has various meanings and can be shown in a variety of ways. For starters, architecture means structure. Ever notice buildings, schools, churches etc.? Those are expressed architecture. An architect is a person who designs and plans. They begin with a drawing that contains density, depth and precision. As the architect progresses, the drawing begins to come to life. There are many ways an architect can bring their drawings to life. The first way being through technology. There are many different programs that are useful for bringing drawings to life, such as Auto-Cad and Rhino. These two programs add value and allows the architect to extrude their ideas and get a sense of how it would look when it actually comes to life. Architecture means to create a useful space that can be used by people. It doesn’t always have to be some form of building, architects can also design things like bridges, malls and the interior space. Architects have to limit to what they can create. Personally I have many reasons on why I want to become an architect. The idea of being able to draw something, make it come to life and express your creativity fascinates me. Like, how cool would it be to actually stroll through town with your friends or family and be able to point at something and say “hey I made that, I’m the reason that building is there”. One of my biggest goals when I become an architect is to actual make some buildings for the homeless, hungry or orphans. That way they too can enjoy and live in beautiful structures and have a sense of how nice it’ll be to live in a nice structure. Even though this major is A LOT of work, it all pays off in the end. One day I’ll design many buildings or bridges and structures and I’ll be happy to see other people enjoy it as much as I enjoyed designing it for them.

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