Hello everyone, my name is Hercules Emile Anthony Reid. Interesting fact about me is that I have two first names. I am a NY native and have lived from the Bronx to Upstate NY and now Teaneck NJ. I am a transfer student from Delaware State University where I studied Psychology. The school became too expensive to attend and my heart was not in to psychology as I had thought. After a class in high school I discovered a passion for the architecture field. Transferring to City Tech, I choose the best option for me to succeed. I am in love with sports. I have participated in soccer, swimming, gymnastics, basketball, volleyball, and track and field in my life time. Track and Field I loved and succeeded in the most. I planned to run for City Tech only to find the cancellation of the program. So instead I plan to take up Karate and Boxing along with perfecting my new craft and love Architecture.  By the way I am trying to make new friends.

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  1. Psychology is useful knowledge for a architect. We deal with many different people and design for their needs.

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