WK1 HW Assignment – Introduction

Hello my name is Glenny, I was born In Manhattan, NY. I come from a Dominican descendant. Something interesting about me is that I was raised in NY and in D.R, that’s because my family kept traveling back and forth between those two countries.  We settled Back in N.Y. 8 years ago. Where I got to finish HS, and attend College. I’m currently taking architecture because I believe is a challenging and fun major, and because I like the idea of designing buildings. I have no background whatsoever in any type of art and science but I’m ready to learn lots of new things In this roller coaster.

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  1. mora94 says:

    I also love architecture for the Challenge it brings. Isn’t it great how you can build any structure but have the challenge of following the rules? To me its exiting.

  2. Studying architecture is a roller coaster experience of highs and lows.

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