What is Architecture?

Fernando Guillen

ARCH 1121              

February 10, 2015

Barbara Smith Mishara




                         Architecture is defined by Dictionary.com as “the action or process of building; construction.” I define architecture as a way to express ideas and emotions into a structure. To me, architecture isn’t just about making structures to get paid or pass the class. Architecture is a method of gathering ones ideas and communicating them through the building of a structure. Since every person has unique thoughts and emotions, every architect can make their ideas known through their buildings. If every architect worked this way, every single building would be unique and better than they are today.

                        Last year, I was attending Flushing High School and the first thing I noticed about the school was its architecture. At that time I had ––no idea I would be studying architecture but I was still fascinated by the look of the building. The school had a gothic architecture and had gargoyles on almost every corner. That was probably the first time that I liked the structure of a building and began to like architecture. When the ­­­time came to choose a major, the choice couldn’t be clearer. At that time I realized how much I liked architecture and decided to study it.

                         I want to study architecture because now I liked it more than any other major. In the past four to five I was very artistic and enjoyed any form of art. I enjoyed listening to and playing music as well as drawing landscapes. I’ve been to Barcelona and saw the Sagrada Familia and that was the moment when I realized that I really enjoyed architecture. I’ve never seen a structure so big and beautiful and I began realizing that architecture wasn’t all about making buildings in form of boxes. Architecture was about exploring your ideas and expressing them through the form of a building.

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