I’ve been really enjoying my time at the jibs life. My first few weeks I worked on Tech pack and flat vector packs for the shoe designs. These are used to send to manufacturers so they can get our products done correctly.
I’ve worked on social media content and created templates for newsletters that will be sent out to our customers to keep them up to date with what’s going on in our company.

I went on an interview in my second or third week while here at thejibslife. Here at the Jibs, I’m not getting paid for the internship. It’s not the most ideal situation so I was searching for something that might be a good fit but would also be paying me. I went to the interview at a company called Clickdaily. They’re a social media company that creates and manages content for many restaurants and other smaller companies. I had a team of four people interview me and review my social media accounts. What I noticed in this interview is how important our social media presence is in all honesty. I’ve had professors and other professionals in my life mention this but this was the first time I see it first hand. I personally am never afraid of my social media presence because I’m very careful about what I post and share on my accounts. What I saw is that because a few of the interviewers were younger, just a few years older than me, that they are very aware of social media especially since that’s the field they’re employed. One guy jokingly mentioned how he had stalked my social media pages, like my Instagram account. I was okay with that because I only post my photography, art, and shots with family and friends. They enjoyed my art and content which was good. They asked me questions about the work I’ve done at previous jobs and how I can relate it to what they work I’d be doing while there. It was a very laid back interview in all honesty because of how young and how we could all relate. They asked me about my side project of my personal clothing brand, etc.

I was given the internship that same day of the interview but I didn’t accept it. The Clickdaily internship was also unpaid. I believe that working at Thejibslife would be more rewarding for me professionally even if unpaid compared to Clickdaily. Here I would be working in a apparel based business, make great connections and have the opportunity to go to events and learn a lot that relates to my interest. Here at Thejibslife they even help out a little by paying for my transportation which is a pretty good deal.