What’s up lady’s and gents,

This is my week two post for Thejibslife internship.
First-day of work was an odd one for sure when it comes to traditional work hours and activities you’d expect. My first day of work here at Thejibslife I attended a speaking event called The Power of Hello. Here is a link to the event post on my bosses blog site (http://www.nataliekathleen.com/powerofhello/).
It’s a women’s entrepreneurship speaking event that is organized by our company CEO Natalie. The event focused on how a set of four women entrepreneurs and how they got to where they are now. One was the founder and owner of the co-working space that my company works out of called Primary. It’s a beautiful space and it was a dream of hers to own her own co-working space along with her husband.

The second speaker was a Hispanic business owner. She was a brand consultant and designer. She has worked with many large name brand companies and now that she’s gotten to a place where she’s happy she’s found a new passion in going back to her home country to volunteer and give back to her people in Peru. The third woman is the head of product PR for Bergdorf Goodmen. She spoke about how life plans don’t always go as planned. She wanted to get married and settle down right after college, and she wanted to become a chief, and many other things. She became very successful in business but she didn’t settle down until her mid-thirties and she did study to become a chief but didn’t work in the industry because she was more successful working in the apparel industry. The fourth and last speaker works at a large web development and design firm. She works as a coder and developer but on her free time she performs at live stand-up comedy events. The reason she does this is to face her fears and to feel empowered.
My boss Natalie could technically be the fifth speaker. She has been an entrepreneur her whole life. Out of school she began working as an executive at major apparel brands and had been starting her own handbag company that expanded sales into many stores. She then took off and started Thejibslife which is where I am interning at currently. It is a lifestyle sneaker brand designed in New York and produced in Brazil.

Aside from that, here is a link to my linkedin that I’ve had set up for a few years and keep updated as much as possible. (https://www.linkedin.com/in/marcogalloart).