The culture at Thejibslife is very casual. We work long hard hours but have fun doing it ? Most days I forget what time it is and eat lunch late or even skip it just because I’m caught up in doing research or in editing shots and designing content. When you’re in the groove you really don’t want anything getting in the way of your design process.

The attire is both formal and informal ? We are a casual sneaker company. The shoes can be worn in any setting both casual and professional and this can be seen because in our co-working space you’ll see many of the professionals both men and women walking around in their pairs of jibs and business clothing. Now inside our company the attire is more laid back. One of our founders Natalie is usually in a dress and very bright and fun clothing but wears jibs to compliment the outfits. On the other hand Reza our other founder; he is a personal trainer and lives a very active lifestyle in terms of fitness. He dresses in jeans and a t-shirt, but also wears his jibs to compliment the outfit. Both look very professional though no matter how they dress because that is the changing culture now-a-days. Me I go back and forth between casual and business. I dress in tees, jeans, and sneakers on most days but always very clean and professional. When we have events and other things like this I’ll dress up a bit more and wear jeans, button down, dress shoes, and a suit coat.

Our work stations are ever changing. We work in a co-working space. We are surrounded by many other small business which is nice because it feels good to be surrounded by professionals of many different fields. Inside our small office, we have 4 tables. Usually, we only have one of the founders in because they are busy, or we have none and it’s just me and one other intern. Natalie is usually taking business meetings at all times of the day trying to make connections for the business, and Reza is doing the same. She also travels a lot for business and most recently took a trip to our factory in Brazil to work on product quality. Reza travels a lot and is a personal trainer. He is always taking on clients to train and promotes the jibs shoes every day for living a fit and healthy lifestyle.