I was able to go to a professional event last week and will be going to another tomorrow 10/27/16. Both events are held by the Accessories Council. They’re the official Council of accessories based companies here in New York City, and worldwide really. So this first event I went to was hosted in a private show room for accessories by Buildanest. What Nest does is they built a network. The network hold hundreds of artisans from around the world. Leather workers, iron workers, weavers, silk and pattern workers, bead workers, etc. They created this network of all these skill based artisans and created a platform which as a brand you can tap into this network when you need products that employ the skills these artisans have. It makes it easier for you to find the skills you need, but also artisans and workers who are part of a fair trade network. This means they work in healthy and safe environments, they can be managed and you can follow their work, makes it easier to pay them and get your products, helps the artisans find more work, etc. This network has grown a lot since it’s beginning and artisans in many countries have benefited from their relationship. They’ve been able to open factories hire, and continue the traditions that they practice. At this event we found new ways that we can partner with Nest, and were exposed to many other small business who have a need in a network of this sort because they sell artisan created products.

My next event tomorrow is also hosted by the Accessories Council. It is called We are what we Wear, and I’ll post on that when I attend. Personally, since I want to own my own streetwear brand and I design as well. I think I’ll be dressing a little more casually for this event. Jeans, sneakers, I’ll be wearing the t-shirt I designed but still professionally. I want to promote myself and what I believe in.