I haven’t been keeping up to much with my blogging here because I’ve been really busy with school and of course my internship. I know that I’ve finished my hours but I’ve enjoyed my work here.

A lot of my time is spent working on photo editing, retouching, and color correcting for our e-commerce site. Editing photos of shots of different angles of each and every shoe that we sell.
I also work on a lot of editing and photos for our social media accounts. So how it works is that we have another intern I work with who is from South Africa named Thandi. She is in charge of organizing what we post and when, and timing everything while I’m the person in charge of fixing the photos and getting them looking just right.

I’ve been working on a lot of newsletters as well. These newsletters are for many different topics. For example one of the newsletters was to inform our customers about a trip our CEO took to the company factory in Brazil where our shoes are made. Another recent newsletter that I’ve worked on was for Black Friday Deals we were offering on Gift Cards. Another recent one is a Newsletter for an event were hosting with W Hotels in the city where we opened up a pop-up shop.

Another part of my work has been going to the storage space for our company and helping organize our stock, and also going out into the city for deliveries which I loved because I love going on the train and walking around and getting to know people.