Two weeks ago I had the chance to help my boss Natalie with another of her networking event in the series called The Power of Hello. During this event there are four female entrepreneurs speak about their life experiences and professional lives. What was their up bringing, how they choose their fields, why they choose to work independently and start their own businesses, etc.. This time our event was a little smaller than the original. We had one fashion business owner from Nigeria who hand makes clothing with her family and sells here in the US. The business owner use to model for many years when she was younger and travelled the world. She now co-owns a none profit business that helps women in developing countries. The third and last business owner was a women who’s parents are Japanese and American. They met in Peru and she was raised in California. She’s travelled around the world but has settled down in Peru where her parents met. She now has a small start up brand that designs and works with the Natives of Peru to hand make her products. She’s in the process of looking for a space here in New York to open up her first store.

During this event I helped set up the furniture, sign guest in, network and meet people who came to the event. I also set up a company table with our shoes on it to sell and actually sold two pairs.

I always enjoy these events because its nice to learn about peoples backgrounds and how they got to where they are now.