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Designing with Little Direction

Entry 7

My most recent task was a little daunting at first but once I got started the ideas started flowing. Someone at Statista asked the marketing department to come up with a condensed one pager summarizing why people should choose Statista. The person did not know what design they wanted so little direction was given. The task was originally given to another intern who in my opinion came up with great designs, but my opinion does not matter. The person kept telling the marketing department that it was not what they wanted. After three different designs had been nixed the assignment was passed on to me. All I got is that they wanted it to be like their competitors, content wise and I took it as design wise too. So, to be safe I designed one that looked clean, professional, and clear but was a different design then the competitors. Next, I designed one that had a similar concept to the competitors since that is what I think they want without realizing it. The person in marketing really liked it, now it just needs to be approved by the person that asked for it. It is tough to work with someone who does not know what they want but it teaches patience and to take frustration and turn it into motivation to get it right the next time.

Competitors design:

Two (of four) versions I designed:

Condensed OnePager_110118-MCa

Condensed OnePager_110118-MCb


Team Work

Entry 6

Until now I have been working pretty much on my own for the tech team. I would be given an assignment to execute, get it revised and approved and then move on to the next task. This next task came from the marketing department. It is nice getting to work with different people around the office, and finally, I have been given a task that required me to work with another intern. We were asked to come up with a few drafts for the company Christmas cards. We started off brain storming together and then broke off to come up with our own designs to present. It was nice having someone to brainstorm with, talk to, and to have a fresh eye look at my work. I came up with a simple more elegant design first, but they said they wanted something more like the Statista brand. So, I added color and told more of a story in my next draft, making it a bit more fun. The second draft had been inspired by one of the statistics I had designed. They said that was more of what they were looking for, so I took that design and altered it to fit as a card design. It is important to be able to put your own preferences behind you and follow a company’s style. I am learning how to adapt and design according to brand.

The two designs I came up with:



Dealing With What You Are Given

Entry 5

Not always are you going to love all the work you are given to do. It can be hard to focus on something you are not very interested in, especially when there is a lot going on around you. I am working on the holiday emails. This means coming up with the written content, and some interesting infographic. The design part I am okay with… I should hope, and I do not mind the research so much either, again, it comes back to the writing. I have never written a business email that would go out to a bunch of clients before. I wanted to find a good balance between friendly and professional, google has become a good friend of mine over time but for this it had failed me. Everything was to generic and simple and I could not figure out how to touch it up. Well that was one task I had failed, good thing I am not trying to write a book or research paper. Well, now I have identified a weakness I need to work on.

The following are some of what I came up with:

Statista Template101118-SnowGlobe

Statista Template101118-Halloween

Learning and Challenges

Entry 4

At Statista I have been working on creating single sheets that includes content meant to grab potential client’s attention and make them want to purchase the company’s product (which is statistics.) I have made various versions of this project to attract different clients. I have given each of these documents their own twist while keeping them cohesive as a collection. I have learnt a lot from working on this project and is not only about design. For this project I had to do a bit of research. I searched the topic and found statistics that would be interesting to a potential client. It also forced me to brush the dust off my writing skills and come up with a professional description of each topic. I am not terrible when it comes to writing fluff, thoughts, and light stuff but when it comes to sophisticated writing I am awful! I do not know the right words to use and sometimes I did not fully understand what I was writing about. My supervisor is great at guiding and showing me how it is done. Yes, my mouth must have dropped to floor when I saw how amazing she made everything sound, but it only pushed me harder to get it right the next time. I finally got the hang of it by the end of the collection…. well sort of. Another challenge of this project was following the style guide. Colors started repeating and space was limited. I would finish a version get an OK and then be told let’s add a bit more to a page that did not have room for a bit more. It was tough figuring out spacing, but it definitely taught me patience.

The following are a couple of the documents I worked on:



The Workplace

Entry 3

The office I work in is mainly sales, so it is always active there. There are people on their headset pacing back and forth as they talk to a client or potential client, and a million voices talking at once as everyone makes their calls. I come in at nine in the morning twice a week and one noon once a week. Whenever I get in at nine the office is pretty full and often times the bell is being rung announcing a sale was made. The dress code ranges from formal to casual for example, t-shirt and jeans. You’ll see people in dresses, nice pants with a button-down shirt and then those in a t-shirt, both are okay.

The work space is filled with tables usually containing 3 seats next to each other. I am not sure if they are still trying to work out the best seating or if it is just their thing, but every so often they move all the employees to sit in different locations around the office. I sit at a table with other interns, so it is nice that I have gotten to know them. They have coffee, fruit, candy, and cold drinks available which is nice.

Every Monday there is a meeting for the entire office where they discuss things that need to be done, achievements, goals and take questions. The interns are invited to join and listen. It is a nice experience to see where they were, where they have reached, and how far they have to go etc. It is great doing the work that I am familiar with and then seeing what everyone else in the office is working on as well.

My Role at Statista and How I Got There

Entry 2

When I was applying for intern positions on Indeed.com I really was not expecting to hear back. My portfolio is not as full as it should be and that concerned me. When I heard back from Statista the Michael Elian, the Organization Supervisor spoke to me on the phone to tell me what their looking for and see if it sounds like a position that would be right for me. At the end of the conversation we set up an interview time for the next morning. There were two people interviewing me who were very welcoming. I was told I would work with one of them, but they were not sure which yet. They asked which applications I felt most comfortable with and they took a very quick peek at my portfolio.

A few hours after the interview I was offered the position. This all happened very quickly and was a lot to take in, but I decided to act my age, push away my fears and concerns and accept the internship. A few days later the interns that were able to come were invited to orientation. We were introduced to the person that would be giving us work and guide us. To my surprise I was not placed with either person I was told I would be, rather I was with the tech team. I was wondering what I had to do with the tech team but once it was explained to me that I would marketing design for them it all made sense. Orientation was great because I had the opportunity to meet the other interns (I was surprised to see someone from city tech was interning there as well,) and get familiar with the office. I was asked to come back in couple days to meet the intern that had my position over the summer, turns out she is at city tech as well. She showed me the ropes and the project I would be taking over. The project was designing a collection of single sheets meant to grab the attention of potential clients and show them a taste of what Statista has to offer on the topic they interested in. A bout a week later I officially started at Statista working 20 hours a week.

The story of my journey towards getting an internship at Statista

Entry 1

The day of my interview required some deep breathing, and yes talking to myself in the mirror (self pep-talks may sound crazy but they do help with the nerves…well at least for me). I looked up the train times and planned my trip giving myself a lot of extra time so if anything were to occur and stall the train I would still make it to the interview at the set time. For once the trains were running on time and I had plenty of time to kill until my interview. I walked around outside, but not to quickly so as not to get all gross and sweaty on the warm day. I finally went up for my interview five minutes before the set time. While waiting for them  to call me in I was extremely intimidated by my surroundings and thought to myself there is no way I am working here! It is so serious, so grown up, so real and I am just not ready for this.

Once the interview began my nerves calmed down. There were two people interviewing me who made me feel comfortable and welcomed. They took a small peek at my portfolio (I think it was just more of a formality,) and told me what my role would be if I were to receive the internship.

A few hours after my interview I received an email offering me the position. I was still on the edge about accepting but I pushed past my fears and accepted.

The first day at Statista there was orientation where we heard what the company is all about, got a tour of the office and met people from the company, as well as the person that was going to be supervising us.

Statista, has various office locations with their main office being in Hamburg, Germany. Their Office in the UK has about 20 employees, their New York location has about 100 employees, and their newest branch is located in Paris. The following is how Statista introduces themselves on their website, “Within just a few years, Statista managed to establish itself as a leading provider of market and consumer data. Over 500 visionaries, experts and doers continuously reinvent Statista, thereby constantly developing successful new products and business models.” A more detailed description of the product Statista sells as described on www.eui.eu is, “Statista GmbH (Hamburg) collects and aggregates data from multiple public and licensed sources, including ACTA, AWA, Euromonitor, Gfk, Outfit, Scarborough, Simmons, Target Group Index and VUMA. Statista also generates industry reports, market forecasts and ‘toplists’ of sectoral statistics.”

I have been placed in the tech department where I do marketing design for them. Other than sticking to the Statista style guidelines I have the freedom when it comes to design and they even welcome suggestions as to what can be designed to help the department gain attention.

All in all, I am extremely fortunate to have received an internship in a great atmosphere. The employees of Statista are kind, respectful, and quite welcoming.



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