Tech Direction – Conclusion

Throughout the semester, I’ve learned many things I can take away from this class. Not only about application and about building, but also just important things to keep in mind and use in most situations.

Problem 1: No matter how simple something can seem to you, it could entirely not be to somebody else. So, you must have clear concise instructions when explaining to somebody else who may or may not understand completely. You may not be there to explain after giving them that assignment, in which you cannot help. If you go through it piece by piece and have clear instructions and go over with that person to see if they have questions about it, it’d be highly beneficial.

Problem 2: You have to ask yourself more questions to be able to make a decision on any problem in the future. Answering “how do you know” is very important to any conclusion you come up with for a problem. You don’t want to be asked why, and have no response. This is a big problem because someone is trusting you to know something you don’t know and you are not being honest about not knowing which will affect them as well as the problem itself.

Problem 3: If you don’t know something, ask or test it out first before agreeing to it. Working on something you don’t fully know is fine, but you must take your time to learn and understand it. Testing something out or watching somebody else do it may make you more comfortable with something and understand it better.

Problem 4: Communication is one of the most important things to solving a problem with somebody else. If one person is left in the dark, nothing will ever be clarified or get done. Also, restating from problem 1, you need everything to explain your point to somebody so they understand. Organizing and making schedules are also very important to most problems. Deadlines and having a plan is very beneficial to any work you may do.