Tech Direction – Problem 2

Group Members: Spencer Emile and Phoenixx Neil

Problem Name: Decking


  • For Problem 2, we had to create a stage that was raked with 2 staircases. The logo painted on the floor for the concert must be changed in a span of a day to be glossy black for the talent show. Our team’s biggest problem had to be focusing on the time and scheduling for build and load-in.


  • To take account for the build time, we had to think of how much we had to build, take in how many workers and what they would be doing, and think about the shop layout.
  • Using Stock triscuits and making the rest as open framed platforms with both stud walls and legs
  • For the logo change to glossy black paint, we changed the layer of masonite over the platform that is already painted.
  • To create a faster work environment, an assembly line styled plan works well with our shop.
  • We used our own shop experience for build/load in time.


  • When working on problem 2, I did not think this much on the build. We left extra time after our estimated build time just in case if our estimate was wrong, we wouldn’t be completely screwed. This problem teaches me to ask myself more questions when planning or facing any future problems. It also teaches me how to go about solving these questions for myself. For example, answering “how do you know” is very important to most problems to make sure you know exactly what you are talking about and you are not just guessing. For most problems such as one similar to this, you should know what you’re talking about or it will affect other people working around you or with you because they are trusting you to know this and are listening to you so they can possibly learn it too or they are doing exactly what you are telling them to do.