Tech Direction – Problem 3

Group Members: Jonathan Burcin and Andrew NG

Problem Name: Flats


  • For problem 3, we had to do a wall break out for a show taking place at City Tech in the spring semester. This included making curved flats and molding. Both of which were completely new to me. Our main problem was time, with build and load in.


  • Asking questions and advice from other people in scenery
  • making prototypes
  • planning a schedule
  • looking back on previous scenery classes to learn more about curved flats and comparing them to curved platforms
  • researching online
  • using the spring semester tech production schedule


  • This is the first project I realized it’s okay to ask for help. It is the way to learning seemingly intimidating things instead of guessing. Prototyping curved flats and all the different ways of creating the crown molding was the best way for me to learn and understand both intimidating things to me. My main goal for this project was to really push myself to understand the things I was completely clueless about. I want to be able to contribute to the group with the most effort I can give. When working on hours and the calendar, I asked questions to others in scenery to come up with a better estimate and plan instead of just basing it off myself. When doing my paperwork, I regret not putting actual deadlines to specific things happening in the shop. It would of made the schedule I created come out more clear and would have gave the calendar more of a purpose.