Tech Production – Problem 4

Group Member: Catarina Uceta

Problem Name: F2M


  • For problem 4, we were given a booklet for the show F2M, designer drawings and needed images of the set which included flats, flooring, tracks, and props. Our main problem in relation to the show was working on the hours and balancing our budget. Our other problem for us personally, was keeping organized.


  • research
  • taking everything piece by piece until we came up with an end result
  • labeling (to keep organized and to save confusion)


  • Since our group consisted of just us two, I learned more about how vital communication is. We both were lenient on one another and made group decisions on almost everything without any conflict. Our main priority for the first two weeks was our budget. Our budget became more complex when we added our labor hours into it when they were not 100% accurate. I learned the importance of every piece of paperwork during this project. Yes, budgets and construction drawings are definitely always needed, but they are vital for planning especially. To create an accurate budget, you need to know what materials you are using which relies on the construction drawings and research. It also relies on accurate work hours which relies on a calendar and schedule which also relies on construction drawings. You need to know what exactly your building to know how much time you will need to decide how many people are working on it to make an accurate budget. About 20 flats not broken up into sections can turn into 40 flats after being broken up which you have to count that extra time you need to make all of those sections to the big flat. The use of deadlines on the calendar did help making things more clearer for me. It also will be something that will benefit me in the future with work.