Module: Getting started on the OpenLab with Math Model Courses
Part 1: Before you begin
Part 2: Cloning a model course
Part 3: Customizing your course
Part 4: Updating Posts
Part 5: Updating other elements of your course

This 5-part module is designed to take you through the steps of cloning a Math model course and customizing it for use in your own section. Note that a great deal more information about each step of the process (as well as many additional resources introducing various aspects of the OpenLab) can be found on the Teaching With The OpenLab site (links to resources will be provided throughout the module).

Resource Alert: Teaching With The OpenLab

Before you begin:

Depending on your prior experience, some or all of the following resources may be helpful.

Next, collect the following materials and information:

Essential information (you’ll need these to get started):

  • Course and Section Number

Required materials (but you can get started without them):

  • Image(s) for use as site header and/or avatar
  • Your course syllabus, grading policy, and so on
  • Any other course materials you would like to make available to your students