We are collecting questions for the Rederly team and providing answers here – this page will be updated over time.

Question: How can I assign only some of the problems in a problem set?

Answer: There are several ways to do this, depending on your needs:

Option 1: Delete the problems you don’t want (note: the remaining problems will be renumbered).

Option 2: Mark the problems as “Optional” and set the point value to 0. The problems will still appear to students, but they will be italicized and will not count count (if you set a positive point value for an optional problem, the points will be counted as extra credit). You can set problems to Optional and adjust their point value in the “Problem Settings” area (see this tutorial on creating problem sets).

Feature Requests: These are things our faculty would like to be able to do on the Rederly system.

  1. Ability to see all the problems in an assignment rendered on a single screen. NOTE: You can view problems one at a time in the Problem Preview Pane or within the Problem Browser.
  2. Fake student account (or “student view” option), so we can see what the site looks like from the student perspective.
    Rederly 1/28: We are adding in a student view for all profs in our next release (likely next week)
  3. When browsing the OPL, it would be great to be able to select multiple problems and add them to a homework set all at once.
    Rederly 1/28: We have some ideas for this in future releases.
  4. Ability to make past homework sets temporarily invisible, e.g. hide access to past homework sets during exams. NOTE: Currently past homework sets are available throughout the remainder of the semester.
    Rederly 1/28: We have a preliminary idea on how to hide / unhide for this purpose and will incorporate in the next couple releases.
  5. Allow the “Show me another” option even before students have completed a problem successfully (e.g. after one or more incorrect attempts).  NOTE: Show me another is currently enabled after a student successfully completes a problem.
    Rederly 1/28: This will likely be further in the future as we want to eventually add a lot of configurability around show me another that will take a lot of time.