This semester, the math department will offer WeBWorK final exams for MAT 1275 – MAT 1575.  Please note, this final exam procedure applies only to the following courses: 

MAT 1275CO
MAT 1275
MAT 1375
MAT 1475
MAT 1575

An instructor memo with detailed information about the exam was distributed by email in late November. We are collecting additional resources below to help support you in administering and grading the exam. If you have questions regarding final exam procedure for MAT 1275 – MAT 1575, please ask them here:, or email Jonas Reitz (

Student Memo

The following student memo should be distributed to all students in your class prior to the exam. It contains instructions and details, and should serve to answer many of the questions that your students may have about the WeBWorK final exam process.

Fall 2021 WeBWorK Final Exams – Student Memo

WeBWorK “How tos” for the final exam

Many thanks to Professor Bruce Kan for his efforts in producing the instructional materials below.

Granting additional time to a student

The final exam (and practice exam) should already be in your WeBWorK section, and assigned to your students. However, if there is a student in your course who has been granted accommodations (such as additional time on exams), you will be responsible for making the appropriate adjustment in WeBWorK. The following video provides a step-by-step explanation:

Downloading exam questions and student responses after the exam

After the exam, you will need to download student responses from WeBWorK — the instructions below will show you how to download a single PDF file that contains all students’ exam questions, exam responses, and the correct answer.

**This PDF MUST be submitted to the department along with your other final exam materials**

Step-by-step instructions and a tutorial video appear below.

HOW TO: Download PDF of exams, student responses,
and correct answers from WeBWorK

  1. Login to your WeBWorK section.
  2. Click on Student Progress, and then on the final exam set.
  3. Find a student who has taken the final exam twice.  This will be indicated with a (v2) as a separate entry underneath a student’s name.
  4. Click on the name of any student who has taken the exam twice.
  5. Scroll all the way down and click on “Download PDF or Tex Hardcopy for Selected Sets”.
  6. On the left side under Users, select all the students in the box below.  Click on the top entry, hold shift, then click on the bottom entry to do this.
  7. On the right side under Sets, click on v1 and v2 of the final exam.
  8. Underneath, check off the boxes that say “Student Answers”, “Correct Answers”, “Adobe PDF”, and “pdfLaTeX – English – One Column”.
  9. Click “Generate Hardcopy …”
  10. You might see a bunch of “Can’t Generate …” errors. Scroll past them and click “Download Hardcopy.”
  11. Once you see the PDF file, you can download it and rename the file, or choose “Print” and then “Save as PDF” and rename the file as it downloads.
  12. The hardcopy will be a very long file that contains 1 or 2 exams for each student that took it.  Each new exam begins with the students’ name.