Module: Getting started on the OpenLab with Math Model Courses
Part 1: Before you begin
Part 2: Cloning a model course
Part 3: Customizing your course
Part 4: Updating Posts
Part 5: Updating other elements of your course

Posts are similar to pages, but are for used for posting new information throughout the semester (like discussions, assignments, class agendas, and so on). Posts appear in “blog” format (newest posts at the top) on the Home page of your site. You will be creating many posts throughout the semester, but we have included a few posts to get you started.

Click “Home” in the menu to see all posts together. You can use the “Course Activities” menu to view certain categories of posts – for example, selecting “Course Activities > Discussions” will show you all the Discussion assignments that have been posted.

To make changes to a post, click the light grey “Edit” button just underneath the post’s title (the Edit button will only appear if you are logged in). This will take you to the Edit screen. You can make changes by typing directly in the page. When you are finished, be sure to click the purple “Update” button in the upper right to save your changes.

List of Posts to update:

List of posts to update (while all of these posts appear on the “Home” page, this list is designed to follow the “Course Activities” dropdown menu):

  • Course Activities > Class Agendas > Class 1 Agenda (Example)
  • Course Activities > Announcements > Welcome Students
  • Course Activities > Discussions > Discussion: Introductions & Mathography
  • Course Activities > OpenLab Assignments > Assignment Instructions > Assignment: Crowd-Sourced Exam Review
  • Course Activities > OpenLab Assignments > Student Work > Student Post (Example)
  • Course Activities > Surveys & Quizzes > Student Survey