Group Project part.2 11.24.2012


David Alvarado

Alexis Shuffler


The idea:

So for this project with the theme of hurricane sandy in mind, we decided to come up with a video game based on the event.


The Game:

If you’ve ever played the computer game: “Oregon Trail”, this will seem very similar. You play as the father of a family of two kids. The hurricane has hit and there wont be any help for about a month. The goal of the game is to make it to the end of the month with everyone alive and well. To do this, you start off with a set amount of money to buy supplies forĀ preparation,Ā then the hurricane hits. You need to make your supplies last while dealing with the natural conditions. This can include the cold and lack of food. As you survive, you’ll have neighbors as well that you can choose Ā to help or not. Helping them isn’t required but it can give you very good bonuses in the future, such as extra supplies. A score system will beĀ implementedĀ to tally how well you do at the end. Low scores result from poor care of your family while high score are a result of the opposite. One social aspect of the game we are hoping to include is cooperative play between two people.





These three images are supposed to represent the UI for the game. The little window on the lower right will switch menus for the status of your supplies, family and theĀ neighborhoodĀ itself.


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