Ahmad Woods, Phillip Zak, Michael Perez Game Project: Initialize!

Title of game
We don’t have a named settled but what were going to be working with is Trigger-nometry.

Game Concept

A third person action game with an over the top western motif.

Core Mechanic

You engage enemies primarily by shooting them with the main character’s revolver. The player can take cover behind constructs suitable for such throughout the environment to keep put of the line of fire. However enemy AI is very aggressive; they too can hide behind cover, they outnumber and outgun the player, and they consistently flank the player which makes hiding behind cover long periods of time a detriment. Thus dealing with enemies in a straight forward manner, how you would typically approach them in other games, can spell the player’s doom. To turn the tides in the players favor they’re gifted with a grappling hook that traverses the environment vertically allowing the player to reach high places quickly (within a limited range) which literally gives the player an upper hand on enemies. Taking advantage of angles that render enemies choice of cover useless is generally how the player will take out enemies and this can be achieved consistently through using the grappling hook to latch on to high places.

Paper Prototyping 

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