Blog Post 8 – Survey

Group Name: Disco Ninjas

Group Members: Ahmad Woods, Michael Perez, Philip Zak

Survery Questions:


Survery 1

1. Yes 2. Yes, 3. Back Buttons, 4. It’s fine, 5. Next Class feature, 6. Its Style, 7. Back Button, 8. Clicking the menu to navigate, 9. It’s fine, 10. no

Survey 2

1. Yes, 2.  Yes 3. Yes, 4. Yes, 5. Straight forward, 6. Great interface but uses little space, 7. Avatar on all pages, 8. The colors and theme, 9. It works, 10. Good app

The people we surveyed liked our interface for the most part but would add small changes to it like a back button. The tests were essentially great to test it’s functionality.

We would add the back button.


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