Michael Perez, Ahmad Woods, Philip Zak, Design Doc and Flow chart


Group: Disco Ninjas

Members: Michael Perez, Philip Zak, Ahmad Woods

Title of project

Learning Revolution


  • A tablet designed to assist children with learning by managing their work and progress, which also plays upon a human’s competitive nature to foster learning.


  • To reinvigorate learning. Students don’t interact in the classroom any more and as a result they aren’t engaged or attached to what the teacher is writing on the blackboard. Children these days play a lot of video games and video games are often competitive in nature. People usually play games to unlock every achievement they can and that drives countless hours of gameplay. What if a similar “achievement system” was introduced to the classroom! We hope that this device sparks a thirst for learning by making it more interactive not only through the use of the device but through the competitive functionality it brings among students.


Describe the interaction model- how does it work? What is the interface like? How will people interact with it?

  • The device is a tablet 7.60×4.8 with a 7’ pressure sensitive capacitive screen.
  • The user can use their fingers or a stylus to interact with the device.
  • Stylus attached to the device by a wire. 3’ long and a .25’ wide



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