Brooklyn Navy Yard

My overall experience at  the Brooklyn Navy Yard was one of the most interesting ones that I ever had as a New York resident for many years. The Brooklyn Navy Yard gives all of us a great lesson on how efficient and creative people can be when they are put together in a closed-knit community. Because for me the Navy Yard is a small community with a lot of organization that can achieve all its financial and environmental goals in the best possible way with less damaging effects on our ecosystem. The tour also taught me how important it is that if all of New York implements the systems for energy production they can change this city for the better and why not be an example for the whole nation and even the whole world. The term sustainability is being used a lot nowadays but if you visit the navy yard you will come to understand what it means and how better our lives can be if the whole city got together and put the navy yards methods to practice. I think this visit was a memorable one and very educational for a person who wants to explore other methods for finding other energy efficient production methods.

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