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Two extra credit assignment opportunities

Two optional extra credit assignments have been posted under a new menu item Extra Credit Assignments. These are a great opportunity to both earn extra credit toward your final presentation and to share with fellow students throughout the college the projects you are working on in Environmental Economics.

**If you choose to participate in the Knowing Brooklyn event, please let me know in class or via email by Tuesday, March 22.

Assignment 1

1.According to the authors, neo-classical economists believes that the most effective way to impede challenges face by climate change is by charging emitters full cost of emission of greenhouse gases.

2.Neoclassical economist assumes according to Adam Smith, people want to maximize their own gains, needs, thus to be led by an invisible driving force that will promote the public interest as a collective whole of individuals.  According to the authors, it’s true in most cases of generalization, but untrue in the researches done on human behaviorism.