Facility Management at Sims Municipal Recycling

Sims Municipal Recycling is a division of an Australian based parent company, Sims Metal Management. It officially commenced operation in 2013 with a $110 million material recycling plant in Brooklyn as a joint venture between Sims municipal recycling and New York City department of sanitation serving as the principal processing facility for the recycling of metals, glass, paper and plastics.

The facility has the capacity to process 1000 tons of recycled materials a day, which are shipped to markets around the world.

The coordination of sustainable and carbon footprints reduction elements, processes and technologies to support core business development and delivery of its products and services while optimizing  environmental performance has been the central idea in its business model.

Some of the sustainable and environmental footprints reduction strategies utilized by the company that should be emulated are as follows:

  1. Its buildings are made of 99% recycled American made steel and recycled glass.
  2. Creation of new marine habitat.
  3. On-site storm water management.
  4. 600kW solar power installation and a 100kW wind turbine (renewable energy generation).
  5. Utilizing barges and freight rails for transportation thus decreasing traffic congestion, fuel consumption and vehicles emissions.

As a result of its business model, 30% of the city’s waste has been diverted from various landfills. The recycling facility has also created 80 to 85 permanent jobs with the prospect of growth.


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