Extra Credit Assignment

1)In preparation for the trip to the SIMS Recycling Facility, visit and explore the SIMS website,  and inform yourself about recycling through other websites.

2) Choose one aspect of the SIMS operation(e.g. glass recycling, facility management, transportation system, history of recycling in NYC).

3) During the tour, try to learn more about this issue:                                                                      *Ask questions *Take photos

4) Write a one-page (single spaced) report summarizing your research and findings.

Due Nov. 18:                                                                                                                                          *Hard copy of the text is due at the beginning of class                                                                     *Pictures and the text have to be uploaded to Open Lab by 11:59pm on Nov. 18.

The extra credit assignment, if completed following the requirements, will add up to 10 points to your exam grade.