SIMS Municipal Recycling trip

After visiting the SIMS Municipal Recycling facility, I had learned a lot about recycling. This facility focuses more on sorting out recycling waste and making a profit out of these reusable rather than producing goods out of these waste. According to the Eadaoin, our tour guide she stated that all of the household and public school’s garbage in Brooklyn, and Manhattan all goes to SIMS facility. This trip to SIMS amazed me by seeing the amount of garbage and the machinery they use to sort out these garbage. After sorting out the garbage in the facility to plastic, glass and metal, these recyclables are sold to many different companies. These companies would then use these recyclables, reuse, and produces new goods out of them. 20151028_130552 20151028_131149

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  1. Carol

    I loved visiting the SIMS recycling facility. Very interested to see how the process of recycling works, from beginning to end. This trip was also very convenient for me and my group since we are actually working on th.e benefits of recycling project. After visiting the facility, I realized that recycling actually is a profitable business. So it is worth the process, while it creates jobs, makes profit and most importantly, it keeps our environment a cleaner and greener one.

  2. Carol

    Luisa Ortiz
    Environmental Economics
    Fall Semester
    SIMS Recycling Facility
    Since the beginning of the 21st century, Americans started to become more aware of the waste they produce and the damage they are doing to Earth. People everywhere are making a conscious effort to reduce their waste and, more importantly, reuse the waste in and make new products out of the recycle. Recycling has also become a profitable business. Here In New York, Located at 472 2nd Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11232, SIMS facility it’s a recycling company that is helping New York City to be a greener and cleaner city. In modern times, recycling is becoming very popular, as people are becoming better educate about this issue that is not only affecting us in the time we are living, but it would also have a great impact on future generations. To keep wasting and using our resources the way we are, there will barely be any natural resources in just a few years. However, each day more individuals are willing to integrate and participate in recycling. SIMS, is the number one recycling company in New York City, according to their website:, the company “ partners with local, national, and global businesses in the responsible reuse and recycling of end-of-life electronics and computers. We provide environmentally responsible solutions that ensure 100% digital data destruction. Our worldwide network of certified processing facilities, with no export mandates, reinforce our overall sustainable business model, and closed loop approach to responsible electronic recycling”.
    The SIMS facility in Brooklyn is very impressive, it is absolutely amazing the process and the technology of recycling they use. But most importantly, it is great that they are open to the public to involve and see how the process of recycling work, they have educating programs to explain people especially kids and schools how important recycling for our environment is. And the way they do it is by showing videos of the whole process.


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