RAB Source Entry #2 — Julian

Part 1 MLA citation:

Dvorak, Petula. “Perspective | ‘Animal Crossing’ Is ‘Fortnite’ for Moms. the Video Game Couldn’t Have Come at a Better Time.” The Washington Post, WP Company, 7 Apr. 2020, https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/animal-crossing-is-fortnite-for-moms-the-video-game-couldnt-have-come-at-a-better-time/2020/04/06/3a2036e6-780b-11ea-b6ff-597f170df8f8_story.html.


Part 2 Summary:

Mother and columnist of the Washington post Petula Devorak writes a perspective article titled ‘Animal Crossing’ Is ‘Fortnite’ for Moms. the Video Game Couldn’t Have Come at a Better Time.” explains how Animal Crossing established on how it’s not only a perfect way to kill time during the pandemic but also a great way to spend time with your family. Petula Devorak first discusses how the game has helped her out so much during the quarantine process but also discussed the un expected bond it brought to both of her son’s. Before being introduced to Animal Crossing she describes another game by the name of Fortnite of “stealing” her kids from her. Before Devorak got hooked onto the hit sensation it was her son who recommended the game, and the line that got her hooked was “Mom, if you buy it for both of us, we can play together.” Before her very eyes her and son was playing together comparing islands and even character’s rebuilding that bond that Fortnite destroyed. The funniest part about the article is how she even admits just like her kids with Fortnite she got instantly addicted to Animal Crossing.



I really do agree with what Devorak is pitching to her audience. The pandemic really has pushed us to our upper limits, being all cooped up in the house not being able to do anything quite frankly sucks but it’s amazing how a game can change everything. Throughout the perspective piece I’ve been interested not only on the pandemic saver part but the bond video games can establish. Devorak’s 15 year old son recommends her the game in the first place and even ask’s to play with him. As a 18 year kid in college I could never see myself asking my mother “hey wanna play a video game together” because previous attempts have ended up with my mom “giving up” and hoping onto Instagram. “Two days later, after my children found me locked in my closet, we compared notes on our “Animal Crossing” worlds. My son had an awesome house with mahogany flooring, brick walls and custom art on the walls he had designed, a cool wardrobe of custom hoodies and a hipster hairstyle. I felt dumb when I showed him I was wearing an “ancient robe with belt,” a sombrero and a pair of recycled rubber boots I had fished out of the waters. My house was a mess, with a thrift- store vibe of rattan and velvet stools, and I was sleeping on a haybed. In my living room. “Eww, Mom,” he wrinkled his nose at the state of my room.” This quote or even section really stood out to me because it really brings what I’m trying to convey home. Something I’d personally ask the author is without Animal Crossing do you think quarantine would’ve lasted longer for you? I ask this because her main point’s is praising the game for sucking you into this world for hours on end keeping you entertained with task to do around her island. If she didn’t have this game what would she do instead?


Rhetorical Analysis:

Petula Devorak used her son’s as examples constantly throughout the piece and even relating to them is some parts. Petula Devorak’s reason for writing this piece was to show the audience that video games can really be a great way to not only just pass time but how it can bring people together. The genre of this piece is a perspective piece or op-ed (opinion editorial) if you will. This is a great way to connect to your viewers because your giving your take on the situation at hand and can even influence them if they really liked what they read. I know this is a credible source because this was published to the Washington Post and her piece was talked about on the news’s broadcasting channel ABC’s GMA.

Notable Quotes

I am living this parallel fantasy life on my son’s Nintendo Switch, which I have hereby commandeered for the rest of the coronavirus crisis because I am deeply, hopelessly addicted to the video-game equivalent of “Tiger King.” (paragraph 9)

“Mom,” he said, in a perfect mom-voice. “You’re being a hypocrite. Don’t you always say quality journalism isn’t free and online subscribers are important to The Washington Post?” (paragraph 27)

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