RAB Source Entry #2-Karem Ali

MLA Citation: Bret Stephens “Covid Misinformation Comes From the Top, Too” July 27 2021

Summary: In this article Bret Stephens shares his opinion on Covid misinformation. Stephens talks about how misinformation can come from people that you would think are reliable sources. Bret talks about the people that were responsible for the anti-vaccine falsehoods. Senator Rand Paul said that Dr Anthony Fauci had lied to congress. Fauci said that the national institute if health had never been funded gain of function research. Fauci says that the 600,000 grant that the NIH had funded indirectly wasn’t due to Covid research. Brent also talks about how people that we would think are reliable aren’t and we should do our own research.

Reflection: This article is very informing and I like this authors opinion. It made me realize that anyone can spread misinformation even the ones that are qualified. This article made me open my eyes a bit more because now I know that I should be doing my own research to see if something is true or not.

Rhetorical analysis: The writing style is his opinion and the tone is objective. The authors audience was most likely to everyone who were affected by misinformation. The author mainly wanted to let us know how bad misinformation is and that even the people at the top can be wrong.

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