Between Two Worlds-Karem Ali

For me my two worlds were because I was bilingual/bicultural. In one world I can be myself and socialize with friends. In this world I speak English and be myself wherever I want. I can where what I want and dress how I want. I don’t have to restrict myself or be on edge all the time. I can also eat whatever I want and order food when I want. In this world I have more freedom and have more fun.

In my other world, I don’t have that much freedom and don’t have a lot of friends to go out with. So usually I ‘am stuck at home and bored watching TV. In this world, I ‘am in Egypt with my family. I have to speak Arabic most of the time unless I’m talking with my brother or my mom. I have to wear certain clothes and am restricted as to what I can eat. I can only eat cultural food and can’t order food over there at all because sometimes I don’t even have internet. I also don’t really get along with my cousins well probably because, we grew up in two different worlds. I grew up in New York and they grew up in Egypt.

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