Writing Task Mentor Quote – Paola Capano

“You aren’t taking advantage of all your opportunities” -My mom

There was a period of time the year after I graduated high school that I really did not care about college at all. I was enrolled into school and everything but I was truly not interested in it or honestly interested in my future as a whole. I did not care that I was failing and not using my time in college wisely to better myself or my future as I didn’t even know what I wanted to do. Time passed and my mom started to notice I was taking multiple semesters off of school. It was something that became hard for me to hide. She did not neglect me or look down on me for this, rather she decided to help me acknowledge what I am missing out of.

My mom started to talk to me about the many things I could do with my life. “You could do anything in this country.” What she meant by “this country” was to express that I am lucky to have been born here as I have many more opportunities than I would have being from a third world country. She would know this as she is an immigrant herself and I would know since I have visited our home country and seen how different the qualities of life are. There is so much help here, such as financial assistance in school, good schools and resources, and jobs everywhere. This made me want to further my education because I truly was not taking advantage of everything in front me nor was I helping myself. I also wanted to start taking school serious because my mom made me realize that she came to this country and had me with the intentions of me living a better life, and making something good out of myself, and I really wanted to start appreciating that as it means a lot to her and myself. I have realized how lucky I am to just be able to be in school and doing something for my future.

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