Introduction – Anastasia Ortiz

Hey guys, my name is Anastasia Ortiz, i’m 18 and i was born in queens NY but Ive lived in Florida for a couple years before moving back to NYC in 8th grade. I’m mixed with both Trini (mothers side) and Puerto Rican (fathers side) and despite my last name being Ortiz i actually don’t know a lick of Spanish. I currently live in Queens again with my brother and sister in-law who have raised me from a young age. This is my second semester at city tech where i hope to graduate with a major in business and technology and fashion. This is also my second time taking this class cause i didn’t do too well the first time lol. I don’t have a job at the moment but i like saying that i’m a sound tech because i control all the media tech in my church.

I don’t have a set hobby that I do all the time but I’ve dabbled in different things like photography, music, dance, hair, and i tried editing but it been a rough journey. This semester I plan on passing every class and not drop any and i hope to learn how to explain myself through writing and improve the way i do so with the help of this class. And maybe make a couple of friends on the way!

Heres my brother, sister in-law and her rents.

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