Genre Project Proposal — YOUR NAME

This proposal should consist of:

  • Tell me what your Research Question is.
  • Your Message: Give a 2-sentence statement of what you want to teach your audience.  This should come out of your Unit 2 Research but should not be a summary of your research.  Remember you already did that in Unit 2.
  • Audience: What is the audience you are trying to reach. Get as specific as you can here. You cannot say everyone is your audience!
  • Genre: What genre will you use to create your message and why do you choose this genre?
  • Identify a “mentor text” you will use to help shape your project.
  • Identify one “quotable” from your researched material in your RAB Unit 2.
  • Your plan — how do you intend to get started?
  • Your worries: Is there anything you are worried about.  What are your concerns about finishing this project?
  • Can you think of a possible title for your project?

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