My 3 Sources — Lisa

My research question is:  How has the CV pandemic exacerbated xenophobia focusing especially on Anti-Asian hostility?

Here are links for my three sources:

Source 1 news piece

Source 2 opinion piece

Source 3 performance art video…

Annotated Source 1 Picture – Ethan Smart

RQ-How does marijuana affect the adolescent mind?

O’connor, Anahad. “Teenage Brains May Be Especially Vulnerable to Marijuana and Other Drugs.” The New York Times, The New York Times, 29 Mar. 2021, 

My second source will be:…

Annotated Source 1 Picture – Iren Musaraj

Question: Does the paranormal world exist?

Kambhampaty, A. P. (2021, October 28). Many Americans Say They Believe in Ghosts. Do You? The New York Times.

My second source will be: Using science to investigate the paranormal |