Annotated Source 1 Picture-Domenica Zambrano

Update RQ- Is there a way to advanced drugs testing without animals?

Zaveri, Mihir, et al. “E.P.A Says It Will Drastically Reduce Animal Testing .” The New York Times , 10 Sept. 2019,


My second resource will be :

Block, Kitty, and Sara Amundson. “Alternatives to Animal Experiments Are Shaping the Future of Science.” The Humane Society of the United States, 26 May 2023,

2 thoughts on “Annotated Source 1 Picture-Domenica Zambrano”

  1. Domenica: I updated these resource leads for you on the Resource Leads sidebar! Please go there. ALSO have you really made sure you are choosing the best source for your Source 1 (feature / or / news piece)? Please sort through your choices and choose the most interesting and informative article. Remember don’t just pick the first hit!

    I think this article you are annotating might not be the most informative. It’s a news article and it reports on a recent (actually old 2019) EPA ruling. I think you need tolook again for a better Source 1, a feature piece that gives more information and is more interesting. Look at the Resource Leads side bar.


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