Jermain – Project Proposal

I aim to educate people who misinterpret music or art and help them understand powerful language. I want to teach them not to take violent language at face value and how to decipher powerful messages painted in obscure language.

Although I haven’t found a mentor text yet, I’m considering adapting a poem and making it my own. I am mainly focused on my grand closing. Although I would like to write a song, I understand it may be too challenging to accomplish within a limited timeframe. Therefore, if I decide to write a song, I will look for a second mentor text to assist me in case my poem is not good enough as a foundation for a song. The only other concern I have is editing my video essay and the difficulties that come with video editing.

Working Titles

  • Taboo Tongue
  • Taboo’s Of the Tongue
  • War of Words
  • Weight of words
  • Weighted Words
  • Battle of expression
  • War on expression words as weaponry

1 thought on “Jermain – Project Proposal”

  1. Can you explain how this comes out of your Research?

    I do n’t get a clear picture of what you are proposing. Can you clarify. You message? Genre – or amix of of genres — that’s ok if it’s a mix. VIsual poem + video essay + opinion piece + speech???

    OK this is ambitious, but I am trusting that you have a vision.

    I know you are creative and techy, so I am trustingyou.

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