Writing Task- Camila Quinatoa

You have very large mirrors in the house so that you can see well. Rosa (my mom)

I will always remember these words my mother told me. We were having a mother-daughter talk, it was assumed that this talk would be important to be alone with her and me. I was 16 years old at that time and I was in high school.

I know that what she told me was not a compliment but rather a lesson or a motivation to continue on the right path. I did not stop thinking those words because she thinks that my brother will have a profession and I will only become a husband and have children. and I will not do anything productive with my life. My mom thinks I’m good at doing things around the house, washing, cooking, and taking care of my siblings. I don’t agree with her because the truth is I don’t like cooking but the other thing is that it is good that as children we learn to do things alone since our parents will not be there all our lives to take care of us. What she didn’t know is that I preferred to do my homework than spend in the kitchen. I love doing math and physics work. I also love biology.

In high school I was very loved by my teachers, especially by Mr. Fernando, he was my math teacher, he said that I am very good that I could even help my classmates and that he would give me extra points. Of course in my other classes I was also good but not as good as in math but I tried to maintain a good score in all my classes.

This motivated me to continue studying even though my mother did not believe in me, so I contacted one of my uncles who was in New York. He helped me come here, it was very nice of him since he supported me since I arrived here with everything I needed, so when I entered high school here I gave my best not only to show my mother That I could study and be more than what she imagined, if not to improve myself and be better every day than I am.

In conclusion, having a large mirror in the house motivated me to study and be a good person, what does this mean? My mother and my cousins ​​were the mirror of my house. At an early age, without even finishing the study, they became a couple and They had children, which was not of much help to the couple since he alone abandoned them and it was my mother’s turn to work in a job that did not generate much money and that she liked much less. So I decided that no matter what happens I would study and achieve my goals and if I am doing it of course not perfectly but at least I try to “No meter la pata “.

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  1. This is a lovely philosophical beginning paragraph (par 1).

    You need to work on Paragraph Breaks: New topic = new paragraph


    • Where is your outline?
    • What scenes will you choose to develop? You need events that will move your story forward.


    IS THIS A POSSIBLE SCENE WITH DIALOGUE? WHERE did this happen? WHAT are the exact words spoken here by you and mom? WHO else was there? I decided to do something to help her and made the decision to migrate to the United States in 2020, almost 2021. The trip was not easy at all, from saying goodbye to my family to getting the money for the trip I remember that my mother told me: “I love you daughter and never forget that you are the best and I know that you will accomplish everything you set your mind to.” Wow, I was speechless and felt tears streaming down my face. I hugged her so hard that I didn’t want to let her go.

    IS THIS ANOTHER EVENT? NEED CSD:  I looked for a job taking care of 3 girls and helping them with their homework without knowing English it was crazy but I did it .

    IS THIS ANOTHER EVENT? Discovering that you had a passion for architecture. Can you show me how you found your love of algebra and physics? WHERE did this happen? IN a high school class? WHERE and HOW did you first discover love of architecture?

    Notice that you are mainly telling me — Now choose some events that you will turn into scenes with CSD. You need at least TWO scenes. THINK about the texts we are reading in class and how the writing comes alive with scenes and CSD.

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