INTRO- Zahir

Let me tell you something about Zahir, Zahir he lazy as hell but still do important things that are needed but if it not important he not going do it for real but might joke around and do it but forget that. Zahir play sports which is football he play on a mens football league called the New York Crusaders, if y’all want to join the team let him know, y’all go him on instagram. Zahir was born and raised in The Bronx no other country state whatever only New York The Bronx. Zahir works at a summer camp/after school program with kids that are in 5-6th grade. When Zahir is bored and have nothing to do he be annoying his mom sometimes but he be playing the game (Xbox) he be play 2k, GTA, Fortnite. Well Zahir is a taurus birthday is May 18th he right know he don’t even know what he want to do for his 20th birthday that is sad. He a goofy person he like to have fun and he a nice person to hang with. My Name Zahir mean Manifest; Apparent, evident; Helper, supporter; Bright, glowing; Blooming flower.

4 thoughts on “INTRO- Zahir”

  1. Hey man, I find it really cool that you play football, and I can relate from being lazy myself unless i have to do something important. Looking forward to getting to know you more throughout this semester!

  2. YOu give us definitions of yoru name. Is your name Arabic? Do you speak read write Arabic? What is your family’s cultural heritage? Does your picture tell us that you like to go to movies? Is this a movie theatre? Please give a caption to the picture! I like the football picture

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