Mentor Quote — Student Adrian

“I wish you would apply yourself more. Not just in my class, but in everything. You are capable of doing great things.”

I had been called an underachiever by my teachers in the past, but it had never meant anything. With Ms Glass it was different. I admired her and that is why her words meant so much to me. She was exceedingly kind and cared about her students. When she taught, she held personal interest in the material and had her own opinions on historical figures. She had quite the admiration for Alexander Hamilton.  It never felt like she was teaching straight from a book or following a curriculum. Her genuine interest made learning enjoyable.

Her words led me to observe where I was in my life. I was barely passing my classes, cutting school, and hanging out with the wrong crowd. I realized how unhappy I was and how everything I was doing wasn’t making life better. So I did the opposite. I began to show up early to classes, asked questions until my classmates got annoyed, worked harder on assignments, and stopped hanging out with the people I was with.  I even started studying for exams for the first time in my life. I started to look for after school activities to do. I looked on the school’s website, asked teachers about clubs they could recommend, and even signed up for community service.

It turned out Ms. Glass was right. My grades steadily rose. My English teacher, Ms. D had noticed the improvements I was making and said, “See what happens when you apply yourself!”

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