RAB Source Entry 2-Mathew G

Source Entry 2 Op-ed

Research Question: How technology will lead to the downfall of society.

Part 1 MLA Citation: 

McDonald, Declan. “Who Is Declan McDonald?” Who Is Declan McDonald, 12 Jan. 2018, blogs.longwood.edu/declanmcdonald/2018/01/12/technology-is-not-to-blame-we-are-op-ed/.
Technology is not to blame, we are (Op-Ed) | Who is Declan McDonald? (longwood.edu)

Part 2 Summary:

In the article “Technology is not to blame, we are ” by Declan Mcdonald, the author addresses that society is the main reason as to why technology is portrayed in a negative perspective. The author argues that technology has in fact helped improve society over the years but people have misused the good that can come out of it. The article showcased various forms of technology, and many major tools we use on a daily basis. This includes medical practices, transportation, social media and even mobile devices. The article highlights the negative impact of technology towards the public, especially teens since that age group are mostly exposed to social media. Additionally the author points out that social media has a positive factor since you can communicate with other people from around the world. But unfortunately this is portrayed as a negative factor as well since it can also reduce face to face human interaction. These devices are meant to make communication easier yet in turn, it can create an opposite outcome.

Part 3 Rhetorical Analysis:

This genre is an Op-ed piece. The audience is the general public who use technology on a daily basis. The purpose is to raise the issue on how society blames technology and all the harm it causes us. Declan uses the appeal of pathos by reference to his personal life. He explains when his family went overseas it was difficult to communicate with them. Even if it was by text it was hard to make an effective communication method. Declan is credible because he is a Peer mentor in Longwood Academic Community, and is part of the Lancer Student Investment Fund. The article was written in 2018 so the information is current.

Part 4: Notable Quotables

“ I have often been forced to reiterate and explain what I mean with certain messages because without body language, and face-to-face interactions, it can be difficult to express what I’m our trying to say.” (Paragraph 2)

“There is no longer a want or desire to speak with one another, it has become all about the easiness of working with people without meeting them face to face.” (Paragraph 3)

“Cons of technology in a classroom are plagiarism, lack of privacy, teachers become replaceable, causes distractions, and not all students have the same access to technology.” (Paragraph 7)

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  1. Your summary makes the author’s point seem so simplistic.

    What is this source? Who is the publisher of this piece? WHo is the writer? IS IT CREDIBLE?

    As instructed in the Assignment (and you have fallen behind, so it’s possible you don’t know) you are to find credible sources and I urged students to use the NYTimes or other reliable journalism sources. READ THE ASSIGNMENT!

  2. You need to work with the tutors from the beginning. Much too late of a start on this project and t here are consequences. You have not done HWs for Unit TWO. YOu have an incomplete understading of this Unit Two project.

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