What did I Learn ?

I learned many things interning at Blue Eye Films but that the most important thing is to know your client. The client will always think they know what they want and think they are designers. It is good to show them what they asked for but if it does not seem right to go with your gut. I also learned it is okay to put your ideas out there as long as you provided the client with what they asked for as well. Your Time is valuable! Sometimes it feels like stepping away is a bad idea maybe working all those hours straight is the way to go. WRONG! Stepping away from the screen could be the best thing to do. It gives you that fresh feeling when you look back and see your work with new eyes. Improves your work 100% of the time!!! This will be an experience I will always appreciate.

Emma Morris

emma_portrait-e1286988710531During my internship with Blue Eye Films I did not attend any events but if there is someone I truly consider a mentor it’s my supervisor. I got the great opportunity to work beside her and watch her work. I learned a lot that I will take with me from now on. The way she could take what clients bring her and just change the whole look and feel of a film is incredible. If I needed some guidance or feedback I could always count on her constructive criticism. Emma was not afraid to voice any criticism good or bad because she knew it helped in every way. She was very understanding at what it was to be a student and helped me understand things that she would’ve wanted to know as student herself back then. I am not saying this to help her image or Blue Eye films in any way, I’m saying this as the truth and she has opened many new doors and opportunities for me. She will continue to help me even after the internship and for that I am extremely grateful. She has referred me and help me with new interviews along the way. Now the only thing that is left is to get myself out there.


This is the project I spent most of my time on and who alone I created over 30 samples for. If I were to self-evaluate I would say I really put effort into this project in particular. For this project the task was to create a poster with a modern look to show what the film was really about. The hardest part to this project was the fact that the film was not a special subject. The Footprint film focused mainly on overpopulation. I did hours and days of research for this project. I watched different cuts of the film and wrote enough notes to fill a whole notepad. My struggle was seeing the competition and other films that were created on this topic. I tried to focus on a concept that made this film different, unique and stand out. After I pin pointed it out I designed around that concept alone. I was very successful in putting my own twist to the poster and making it something new and fresh to look at. Thanks to my long extensive research I was able to create a solid idea. These are a couple of the top samples:Footprintflags footprintblakc drip



I don’t have many collaborative projects. Most of my time is spent independently or working with Emma. If we are working on something together she is mainly working with the clips and editing the footage. I would work on the text if there is any text cards in the films. The poster definitely has to be consistent with the film. when she gives me her constructive criticism it helps because she knows the film backwards and forwards. Her thoughts help me with anything I need to change or put more thought into. I watch the film once and then have it as reference as I am working. I try to show variety and different options so that the client has more to look at rather than just one style and feel of design.

A Typical Day

A typical day on the job is fairly calm because it is a small private company. As a team we work and we focus on one client or two at most. Some clients have large projects others are simple and others are short. I do not perform clerical duties only duties related to my major. I have some experience with film but don’t focus my day on it. Lots of research has to be done, that includes watching the uncut/edited version of the film or movie to understand the concept well. Each film has a unique aspect that I try to bring out with the poster. I spend most of my day working independently. I check in with my supervisor twice a day, or sometime during the day she just walks by my computer to check my progress. Emma gives me feedback on my work. She lets me know what is working and what could use some more thought. I make about 30 different drafts, some in the style the client is looking for and others with my take on it. The two clients I have seen so far have films on serious issues/topics. The clients  have been pretty open on the graphic ideas for the posters. Im definitely enjoying my time here and am very happy with the position.

This is one of the first samples I began with :footprint slums

The Workplace

20160624_114348The attire is not strict in any way, even though I am not told to wear a specific attire I dress formally. My work station is a cubicle, it is often very cool, quiet, and comfortable. I always come prepared with my laptop and I back up my files, Even so, they provided me with a Mac desktop with the programs needed for design (Adobe Suite). I work about 7-8 hours a day and I take about 30 min lunch break. Sometime the break is helpful because I need to step away from the screen for a while to refresh my brain. Most days I could be really into my work and not notice the time just fly by. Emma is great to work alongside I cant wait to see what else they have in store for me. I don’t have much else to say since I haven’t been here long and I work mostly independently but I will update soon.


The Interview

My role within the company is to create the (print & digital) graphic design needed for the current client. My supervisor is Emma Morris she is a director/editor with 20 years of experience. I received this internship site through previous work with BEF. I had a couple of interviews before this with other companies but none interested me as much. The other interviews were extremely long waits, or follow up interviews. Others ended up with nothing and very little contact. This seem like an opportunity to get my work actually out there, live feedback and to work one on one with an actual client. Many times Emma has offered different types of design projects that are linked to her clients. The interview was only with Emma she is very aware of how difficult it could be finding opportunities in design for students. The response was very quick, there is always contact whether it is through email, phone, or text. I was asked what programs I work with what I have worked on and of course my portfolio.

Who are they?

logoThis semester I am Working with Blue Eye Films. It is a small private company and has only one location. The company focuses on video production/post-production specializing in documentaries, educational, promotional design and videos. The clients are very private and are in constant contact. Some clients are very open minded and still unsure what they are looking for as an end product. If they don’t come in person they email very often with possible ideas, research, etc.. The area I focus on is the current client/ films promotion (posters, Ads)

I am currently working with Award winning producer/director/editor Emma whose work includes the feature documentary Something Within Me, winner of the Audience Award, Film Makers Trophy and a Special Grand Jury Award at the Sundance Film Festival. BEF produced and directed “In My Hands” a feature length documentary on Marfan Syndrome. It premiered at the 2009 Hampton’s International Film Festival. Blue Eye Films has directed documentaries for: PBS, The Feld Ballet Dance Company, Nissan and The Japanese Foreign Ministry.