Emma Morris

emma_portrait-e1286988710531During my internship with Blue Eye Films I did not attend any events but if there is someone I truly consider a mentor it’s my supervisor. I got the great opportunity to work beside her and watch her work. I learned a lot that I will take with me from now on. The way she could take what clients bring her and just change the whole look and feel of a film is incredible. If I needed some guidance or feedback I could always count on her constructive criticism. Emma was not afraid to voice any criticism good or bad because she knew it helped in every way. She was very understanding at what it was to be a student and helped me understand things that she would’ve wanted to know as student herself back then. I am not saying this to help her image or Blue Eye films in any way, I’m saying this as the truth and she has opened many new doors and opportunities for me. She will continue to help me even after the internship and for that I am extremely grateful. She has referred me and help me with new interviews along the way. Now the only thing that is left is to get myself out there.

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