This is the project I spent most of my time on and who alone I created over 30 samples for. If I were to self-evaluate I would say I really put effort into this project in particular. For this project the task was to create a poster with a modern look to show what the film was really about. The hardest part to this project was the fact that the film was not a special subject. The Footprint film focused mainly on overpopulation. I did hours and days of research for this project. I watched different cuts of the film and wrote enough notes to fill a whole notepad. My struggle was seeing the competition and other films that were created on this topic. I tried to focus on a concept that made this film different, unique and stand out. After I pin pointed it out I designed around that concept alone. I was very successful in putting my own twist to the poster and making it something new and fresh to look at. Thanks to my long extensive research I was able to create a solid idea. These are a couple of the top samples:Footprintflags footprintblakc drip


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