A Typical Day

A typical day on the job is fairly calm because it is a small private company. As a team we work and we focus on one client or two at most. Some clients have large projects others are simple and others are short. I do not perform clerical duties only duties related to my major. I have some experience with film but don’t focus my day on it. Lots of research has to be done, that includes watching the uncut/edited version of the film or movie to understand the concept well. Each film has a unique aspect that I try to bring out with the poster. I spend most of my day working independently. I check in with my supervisor twice a day, or sometime during the day she just walks by my computer to check my progress. Emma gives me feedback on my work. She lets me know what is working and what could use some more thought. I make about 30 different drafts, some in the style the client is looking for and others with my take on it. The two clients I have seen so far have films on serious issues/topics. The clients  have been pretty open on the graphic ideas for the posters. Im definitely enjoying my time here and am very happy with the position.

This is one of the first samples I began with :footprint slums

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