The Interview

My role within the company is to create the (print & digital) graphic design needed for the current client. My supervisor is Emma Morris she is a director/editor with 20 years of experience. I received this internship site through previous work with BEF. I had a couple of interviews before this with other companies but none interested me as much. The other interviews were extremely long waits, or follow up interviews. Others ended up with nothing and very little contact. This seem like an opportunity to get my work actually out there, live feedback and to work one on one with an actual client. Many times Emma has offered different types of design projects that are linked to her clients. The interview was only with Emma she is very aware of how difficult it could be finding opportunities in design for students. The response was very quick, there is always contact whether it is through email, phone, or text. I was asked what programs I work with what I have worked on and of course my portfolio.

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