Who are they?

logoThis semester I am Working with Blue Eye Films. It is a small private company and has only one location. The company focuses on video production/post-production specializing in documentaries, educational, promotional design and videos. The clients are very private and are in constant contact. Some clients are very open minded and still unsure what they are looking for as an end product. If they don’t come in person they email very often with possible ideas, research, etc.. The area I focus on is the current client/ films promotion (posters, Ads)

I am currently working with Award winning producer/director/editor Emma whose work includes the feature documentary Something Within Me, winner of the Audience Award, Film Makers Trophy and a Special Grand Jury Award at the Sundance Film Festival. BEF produced and directed “In My Hands” a feature length documentary on Marfan Syndrome. It premiered at the 2009 Hampton’s International Film Festival. Blue Eye Films has directed documentaries for: PBS, The Feld Ballet Dance Company, Nissan and The Japanese Foreign Ministry.

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