Module 2 Details


  1. mokhira

    in my opinion, this particular drawing practice wasn’t as complex as I expected. I think it’s because the scale is pretty big and the structures are clear. also, the youtube video helped me a lot. thanks for your help! based on the feedback I’ve received, I made some corrections on my drawing. in this journey, our visit to the International Masonry Institute masonry detailing page has helped me a lot. I found this diagram to be the most appropriate for the Federal hall wall structure.

  2. shirley

    on this drawing I see very similar masonry of the section of the wall with the site of the Federal room
    The topic about the materials on the walls was very interesting, there must also be a cavity to let the moisture through and not destroy the wall.

  3. Lucas Lloret

    This drawing has a similar details to that of the federal hall

    03.030.0601: Flexible flashing, drip edge, termination bar, drainage mat

  4. Erick

    I choose the first details as they reminded me of the in wall buttresses that were located in the inside of federal hall and also on 2 sides of the outside, i choose the 2nd detail as it reminded me on a smooth finish in the outside with one of the groups of masonry.

  5. Samantha
    I selected this detail because it gives a clear example and understanding on how a floor is supported with a wall. I also chose this because it reminded me that federal hall has a basement and if it were made out of concrete block, this is how it would be built.

  6. Cristian Rodriguez

    04.030.0203: Exterior Stone Restraint Anchorage

    I chose this detail because, I found the stone facades very similar to the stone on Federal Hall. Also, going back to the discussion about wall cavities, this detail shows a cavity of about 2-3 inches which convinced me that it’s most similar to Federal Hall.

  7. Janan Yu

    03.030.0401: Anchored stone veneer

    I chose this detail because it shows stone used on the exterior, as well as showing the details of how the window fits into place similar to the one in Federal Hall. It also illustrates how wall ties are placed which connect to the CMU’s.

  8. Prof. Loo

    Thank you all for submitting your detail research and sharing your thoughts during our virtual class meeting. It was a great conversation as to the various details and how they apply or not apply to our case study building.
    Those who have not posted their details, please do so quickly.

  9. Aixa


  10. Weicheng
    I choose this one because the brick and masonry will increase it’s capacity.

  11. Cheyenne Brooks

    I chose this masonry detail because it reminded me of the section that we did for Module 2, this variation however is just way more detailed. This section includes detail such as the sill, shelf angle, roof-wall interface and etc.

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