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Post a Reflection on the Concept Map for Arch 1231 course content.  Not sure where to begin? Try answering these questions to start.

What is the purpose of the concept map? Does it reinforce prior knowledge? Does it make connection that you didn’t think or of realize.

How does it compare to your definition of architecture? ETC.


  1. Janan Yu

    This concept map shows the basic fundamentals of Architecture, it branches into different categories but depend on each other. The Purpose of Architecture shown in 3 branches is to provide durable shelter, be functional and useful, also be cultural and artistic. These 3 categories all are built on space. From space it goes into materials and structure which are connected. The fact that structure is connected to materials reinforces my previous knowledge as we cannot have a proper structure without proper materials. If space is not provided than Architecture cannot be integrated.

    • Prof. Loo

      A questions I’ll ask you is how does the concept map add to or change what your perception of architecture is?

  2. Cristian Rodriguez

    This concept map shows the basic branches that live in the world of Architecture and construction. From 3 main branches of architecture (space, materials, and structure) there are smaller and more specific branches (steel, circulation stairs, provide durable shelter, etc) which are vital to the rest of the branches. The point of this concept map is to show that these small details and specifications give everyone, regardless of your career choice, a fairly relative understanding of the basic principles of architecture and construction.

    • Prof. Loo

      yes, it is a relative basic understanding that we will explore further in this class.

  3. Samantha

    The purpose of this concept map is to provide a visual diagram of what to consider in architecture when building anything. It gives a clear understanding of what is needed for every step in the process. The map explains that certain phases of the building process relies, or depends, on the phase before that. For example, you cannot have a space without it being functional/ useful, provide durable shelter or contain cultural/artistic features. The map visually shows that the materials and structure rely on the space provided, and without a functional, durable, and cultural space, than it is not architecture.

    • Prof. Loo

      As a visual diagram, it is important to make sure to see the connections the map illustrates to help understand the various relationships of each component.

  4. Erick

    The purpose of the concept map is to inform the reader the general branches of Architecture and how different variables relate to it and how it affects it. The concept map also breaks down main points into more specific detailed ideas (Space,Materials, and Cultural). The map also makes a connection between all the different topics that all connect to make the basis of architecture. This compares to my definition of architecture as it shows that architecture is more than designing a shelter, it comes down to what purpose and program it provides to a person.

    • Prof. Loo

      Yes. Architecture is more than just providing shelter but it is more than just purpose and program (Space, Materials and Structure)

  5. Cheyenne Brooks

    The intent of this map is to show the general components of the idea of architecture. The map then shows the connections between all of the factors with in it. The three main ideas of this concept map deals with basic shelter, usefulness and design. This map closely relates to the definition of architecture as they both state the need for design and construction in a building. In this map it is shown that everything is connected to space, this shows that architecture is also the process of creating any space with any structure or material. Prior knowledge in this case is a necessity as most of these terminologies is not basic knowledge.

    • Prof. Loo

      Intitially, you may not understand the concept, as you mentioned but that is thte purpose of this course. you will at the end of this course have gained the knowledge to understand the terminologies. I would add that architecture is not just about creating any space with any structure or material but creating space with structure and material in a meaningful way.

  6. Jorbin R

    The concept map is a guide that illustrates the fundamentals of Architecture, and all the different check boxes before being a finish product. The purpose of Architecture is to create something that’s Durable, Functional, and Artistic. However first you need Space, and work with what you have keeping the basics in your mind. Then Structure and Materials come in play because they are the ones that will make your concept to a reality and tangible, besides from the Engineers. You can have building in China with an opening so a dragon can fly through or have pieces of steel bended to a museum in Spain. But in the end of the day they all fallow a similar concept map because Architecture is a universal language.

    • Prof. Loo

      I like the analogy of check boxes but its important to understand that the “check boxes” are not separate items but rather inter-related to each other and often times a change in one will create changes in another.

  7. Prof. Loo

    I’m glad to see that reflections are being posted. As a tip, Try to focus less on a literal interpretation or description. Think about how or what personal thoughts the concept map may conjure up or even if you agree or disagree with the map or something that is unclear or something that the map clarified for you. Etc.

  8. Marianne

    The purpose of the concept map is to inform a person the basic branches of Architecture, to give the reader the visual idea of the elements that it’s needed for the process. The three branches consist of space, materials, and structure it demostrate how each of them need each other in order to build its attempt of creating a shelter sustainably. The map also have a strong connection with satisfying the needs of weather, water, water disposal, the temperature, etc. in other words the needs of human activity, which consist in more detail architecture. The concept map is for people to understand that architecture is more from what the eyes can see, is more related into the idea of how it’s going to affect and help society or a person, it’s more about thinking how everything it’s going to fall in place thinking more outside the box but also knowing the space, resources and in a way beauty.

    • Prof. Loo

      absolutely, Architecture is bigger than what might be on the surface and is a discipline that can affect many aspects.

  9. Lucas Lloret

    The purpose of the concept map is to inform the reader about the relationships between the different branches in architecture. The 3 main parts in architecture are the MATERIAL, which is basically what anything is build out of, like steel, concrete, steel, etc, STRUCTURE, which is what lets a build stand and not break on its own, and last but not least the SPACE, which is basically like the purpose of the whole build. The way this 3 relate are that without one you would have the other since you need the idea of what you are going to build and then one needs to make sure that it can stand on its own and without the material then you wouldn’t be able to make the idea a reality.

    • Prof. Loo

      Your are correct, they are all inter-related.

  10. Justin pazmino

    This purpose of a concept map is to give you a guild line when thinking about a architectural concept design. In architecture you are given 3 different options in what you want to build. Furthermore, space , materials and structure is used into a certain type of architecture structure. Within that you have to consider the varieties of material and structure. It does reinforce prior knowledge because that’s what will be in my thoughts when building something.

    • Prof. Loo

      if I understand what you are saying, they are not really options nor is space, materials and structure predefined for specific architectural structures. They are inter related but not preassigned.

  11. mokhira

    The general idea of architecture is to provide human beings with well-developed shelters along with their standards. This particular concept map is there to help architects gain certain skills to pursue these needs. the map mainly includes important concepts of architecture and how it’s not only about free designing and playing with drawings, but being able to create a well-planned space. peoples’ safety is an architect’s responsibility. locations, material types, and structures play a tremendous role in this. I like how the map includes major bullet points that pretty much sums up the whole idea of building. each concept is essential in its own way.

    • Prof. Loo

      yes, each concept is essential and important to have a grasp of all the concepts, which you will develop in this class. This is foundational for all you learning in the coming years.

  12. shirley

    This map seemed easy and short to understand three concepts that make up architecture, and i will described architecture as a way of seeing things because not of all have same points of view and i believe that architecture its a way of expressing yourself, communicating ideas and thinking about how things work in the world. This concept map is a very useful tool to publicize three important branches that make up architecture (Durable Shelters, Functional useful, cultural / artistic). These three concepts summarize what architecture expresses. For these three concepts to take place, an optimal space is needed, and the environmental factors of the spaces must also be taken into account. It is important to know the place, space and structure in which to carry out an idea because environmental factors are not always favorable.

    • Prof. Loo

      Context is very important. Theres are alot of factors that may not be favorable however, part of the job of an architect is to clearly define a problem and come up with creative solutions. we cannot control many aspects of a project but we as architects have to find the best solutions for any given project.

  13. Jaden

    The purpose of the concept map is to show how architecture is a step-by-step process. It indicates the requirements that are essential to any project such as structure, space and materials. The project must also be useful towards the public, have a type of design to attract them, and provide shelter. This reinforces prior to knowledge to when my group was working on an Eco friendly hotel. We had to find the space for it, the materials to construct it, an eco design and function. Compared to the definition of architecture it better explains what architecture is about and what is done.

    • Prof. Loo

      The term “step by step” should not be construed as a prescription of ordered steps. yes these are all aspects that an architect need to consider but they are often considered simultaneously and any decision can affect previous decisions.

  14. Valeria Cortez

    This concept map shows the three basic branches that in the world of Architecture and construction. The three branches are space, materials, and structure it demonstrates how each of them need each other in order to achieve sustainability, shelter and other basics that buildings must have. I liked how the map basically explains that to build something that provides durable shelter, is functional and artistic first there have to be considered the materials and structures that are going to be used. I agree with how it explains that for anything to be build, first there’s needed space, and then materials and structures come in play in order to achieve the concept and idea intended.

    • Prof. Loo

      Yes, you got it. This is not only how the course is organized but also how your education of an architect is as well.

  15. Eddie

    Well this concept map is structured in a way that the student understands pretty well. Architecture can consist of the three key aspects that are shown. Which are to provide an area, something that can be functional and useful to many people, and is a way to become creative in the way one puts these things. Either it be from a cultural aspect or the very existence of your imagination. But still these three things are also based on space which is needed to create anything in the architectural world. From this space one has to think of many other important aspects, like ways of transportation and utilities. This space needs to be structured in a way that it needs to be durable and sustainable. Materials are another thing that needs to be taken in consideration because depending on where you are in the world or what kind of weather there usually is, that’s the material that is going to be used. It could also be for aesthetic purposes.

    • Prof. Loo

      Space is a big part of architecture and together with materials and structure, you can create something is sensitive and contextual to it’s place in the world.

  16. Aaron

    The concept map shows that Architecture is not something that simple, that it’s a process that has a lot of factors to think about and that starts with 3 fundamental concepts. I feel like this is a good representation of how getting into architecture is not just about designing buildings based on looks but also thinking about other factors, such as space, materials, and structure.

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