Please reflected on the impact this global pandemic has had on you, your family, friends and the world. Think also about how this may have affected everyone in the future. Are there lessons that you have learned, Is it going to make the world a better place, is it going to change the way you think or do things in the future?


  1. Justin pazmino

    COVID-19 has changed all of our lives . We have to stay at home all the time and is getting kinda boring. Without social media we won’t be connected in knowing the danger in cover 19. More people would have been getting sick thinking it’s a flu. Online is the only way people are getting entertained. People I know have died from the virus and is hard to find supplies and groceries. Hopefully everyone okay on your side.

  2. Eddie

    Whether we want to acknowledge it or not this pandemic has really become
    something to worry about. It has caused many people to panic, to overreact, and to the point where people buy more than what they need. This leaves the people who need it to be left with nothing. In a way this pandemic has taught people to recognize the importance of staying together through tough times, to cherish the people you have around and it might even help pave the way for a more humane economy. Anyways stay clean, don’t discriminate, and stay at home.

  3. Prof. Loo

    Thank you eddy and Justin for sharing your thoughts. I look forward to hearing from everyone else. I think it’s important that we all reflect on what is going on as it will allow all of us to be able to continue to move forward. Stay safe.

  4. Jaden

    The thing I find weird is that when the spring semester began and I started commuting again I saw people wearing hospital masks. I thought it was because of cold weather at first until the COVID-19 was mentioned. Quarantine hurts when you have distant friends and family but we call each other so we dont lose touch. Its helped find hobbies to keep us occupied because one day we’ll want to go outside. We should learn to take things seriously before we are greatly affected and maintain perfect hygiene. The world may have less pollution in the air since less cars are on the road and places have been closed.

  5. Cristian Rodriguez

    COVID-19 has been spreading a lot of fear throughout the world right now. As for me, I’m not scared of getting it myself, what I fear most is my friends and loved ones getting it. That’s why I’ve also been taking this time to speak with a lot of my relatives and to really take advantage of the time I have left with them. This situation has taught me a lot of things, it’s taught me to be grateful for the relationship I have with my parents at home, because I can’t imagine what my life would be like in these moments if I didn’t get along with my family, so I am very happy for that. I’ve also come to realize that this could be a time for human beings to take a break and learn new things, fix a few problems we might have going on, or just simply to take a break from other people.

    I hope everyone is doing well, stay safe, and take good advantage of this time.
    P.S. Don’t forget the grid


  6. Janan Yu

    This Virus has impacted the world and shows us how unprepared we are. Half of my family are very elder and we worry about them every day. We provide them with groceries that we order and well as other needs. We have them disinfect everything just to be sure. This virus had taught me that every little detail counts if we are not careful. I think that people not going outside and using their cars have slowly healed the world of harmful emissions. When we are allowed to go out again I will still maintain my distance from people. I hope this virus will teach people around the world to be more aware of their actions and how it may impact their communities.

  7. Lucas Lloret

    This pandemic has had such a big impact that i believe that kids will learn about it in the near future. Not only has it put impacted us, humans, but also the world. While it has created such fear and has made every government tell their citizens to stay at home, nature has been able to clean the world a little, since this pandemic has spread out and created terror the environment has become cleaner in many industrial area and maybe after this event we can learn from the effect of nature not having humankind and how we can keep the world clean. Moreover, this virus hasn’t really had a big impact on my family apart from having to stay at home, I have seen that it has kind of actually helped my parents with their stress, since they haven’t been going to work, they have been able to use this time to relax and rest. In addition, it has given us more free time and we have been able to spend more time as a family.

  8. Aaron

    This pandemic has affected everyone in different ways. I and my family have been using this time to spend more time together than we had because of our social life. It has affected the world in several ways, such as the reduction of pollution, but also the major increase in unemployment.

  9. Samantha

    COVID-19 had definetly impacted not only many families in a negative way but the economy greatly. Everything around us changed so quickly and rapidly, nobody, not even the government, was prepared for something like this to happen. I definitely think this will be taught in the future to next generations due to so many people suffering from loss of income, jobs, food even, and the loss of so many lives. It is definitely a huge change to everyone’s lives in any way. Aside from these factors, I felt like this pandemic made people realize what they took for granted in their daily life, and maybe appreciate it more. It also in some ways benefited our environment.

  10. Esdras lopez

    This pandemic has impacted everyone emotionally and financially. Many people have lost their life due to the virus. For example in my home my family is sad because they have worked their whole life to have a better living and for a virus to just come and might take their life away. I believe this has impacted us in the future because many people has lost many loved ones due to the pandemic and they would change the way they treat people or loved ones because in one instance their life can finish. The lesson learned in my opinion is to spend as much time with your family and appreciate the life you have. I believe that this has changed my way of living my life because now im going to give more time to my family and spend as much time as I can.

  11. Weicheng

    I think Chinese is the most affected by COVID – 19, because some of the Americans blame the Chinese bring the virus to America. Before this varus is known, it have another name call ” Wuhan varus” because this varus was first fount in China, a city call Wuhan. I also heard rumors about African-American attacking Chinese in Flushing.

  12. mokhira

    It’s very sad and shocking that many of us had to deal with such unfortunate events in the very first year of our college journey. this pandemic has affected every single person on earth in many different ways. two weeks before this all started my dad flew to Russia to travel during his one month vacation he got from work and now he is stuck in another country until everything settles down or at least the government will let the airports serve again. I miss my dad but I’m also glad that he is doing okay since the place he is in doesn’t really have many cases with covid-19. I hope everyone is doing good and staying strong.

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